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Photo listing: cycleways (problem)

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This listing only shows photos within King's Lynn.
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Road is too busy and too fast for to be part of the national cycle network which needs re-routing along riverside paths.

Lynn Rd is too busy to be safe as a national cycle route. Either make the west side footway wider and usable for cycling or divert the route completely to a different road.

It's August, it's heaving with people & vehicles. The A149 is at standstill from Snettisham to Hunstanton. Meanwhile, two people on mobility scooters are riding along the middle of the road because the single path isn't fit for purpose. In … [more]

There should be a cyclable route along the coast south from here to Snettisham and Dersingham to encourage active travel to and from Hunstanton.

Should be at the very least cycle lanes along this busy section of road.

Clear signs needed to make sure people know to turn left here, especially as the barrier on to Priory Lane east of here is impassible on a cycle with bags.

Have you tried cycling anywhere around here. It's impossible to cross in either direction if you are even in the slightest bit nervous. A terrible set of circumstances for cyclists. Uphill, narrow roads, all types of vehicles, driven at … [more]

The path here, all the way to Snettisham, is broken down, crumbling, unfit for purpose. Widen & resurfacing req. Once in a generation chance to provide cycleway & pedestrian footpath to connect 3 villages & a town. And create a bigger, … [more]

Cycle path ends here! Continue path north to around edge of roundabout. Create low sleeping policeman crossing here to connect to existing cycle path up Redgate Hill to next roundabout. The current alternative is to cut leaving cycle path … [more]

Used by all ages, this high passage is the main cycle path & pedestrian route for two schools, a town centre & three quarters of Hunstanton's housing stock. Completely unfit for purpose. Very narrow, high, dangerous sloping position … [more]

Dangerous zone. Road narrows to junctions & 90° blind corner. Widen for pedestrians & cyclists alike.

Large Cycle storage (Family locker & single sizes). Can be monitored via camera on Council Building.

The promenade between Heacham and Hunstanton should be equipped for cycling, it's wide enough. A lot of towns have shared spaces for walkers and cyclists.

The road from the Dersingham roundabout to the cycle way is really unpleasant to cycle at anytime. If there was a cycleway it would complete a comfortable route from Hunstanton to King's Lynn ( rather than the longer and winding existing … [more]

Sign needed for NCN route 1 (to the left) towards King's Lynn

Norfolk coast Cycleway too far from coast -

This section connects the riverside track with Low Road but is high-speed and dangerous. Apply 30mph limit, remove centre line and add advisory cycle lanes both sides.

Convert footpath to hard-surfaced cycleway, to improve access to south.

Access to cycleway is narrow and dangerous. Realign route and remove gate.

Not suitable for cycling. Add segregated cycle track. Connect through to Knights Hill housing development at south and Sandringham cycle track at north

Road dangerous for cycling. Add separate cycle track alongside road, properly separated and wide.

Road is wide but cars park on pavements. School traffic busy and dangerous. Ban pavement parking, provide wide two-way separated cycle track along whole length of Queensway.

Not enough space here. Remove guard rails. Widen pavement and narrow road at the crossing.

Guard rails are often covered in adverts, restricting visibility and being unsightly. Remove guardrails, replace with planters like on Magdalen Street Norwich.

Cycle track too narrow to accommodate cycle traffic crossing the road and other cycle traffic continuing on the same side. Double width of cycle track to provide space for a turn/filter cycle lane.

Inappropriate use of cyclists dismount sign. Remove sign.

Inappropriate use of Cyclists Dismount sign. Remove sign.

Improve surface, width, alignment to make this a good cycle route.

Open Tower Street to cycling, to permit access to cycle parking and shops.

Open this section to cycling.

This is a tight and awkward crossing for cycling. Provide cycleway continuous across the junction, with priority.

Cycleway priority over road required.

Cycleway too narrow, particularly for eastbound cycle traffic, close to motor traffic travelling at up to 50-60mph in 40mph limit. Street lights encroach on cycle track making it narrower. Move street lamps well into verge. Widen cycle … [more]

Crossing timings prioritise motor traffic. Set so that lights change immediately on request.

No cycleway to link West Newton Road with Station Road. Create off-road cycleway and suitable crossing point.

Cycle crossing inadequate and dangerous.

Lights at crossing give priority to motor traffic. Change timings so that they change immediately on request.

Bridge too narrow for effective social distancing. Double width of cycle-pedestrian bridge.

Cycleway does not have priority at crossing. Give it priority.

Cycleway does not have priority at crossing. Give cycleway priority and make it continuous across road.

No priority for cycles at crossing. Give cycleway priority.

Illegal parking on cycleway at school times. Enforce law properly.

Dangerous crossing with poor visibility and high speeds on road. Remove centre line on road. Create a single-lane pinch-point on the road to facilitate crossing. Give cycleway priority at crossing.

Poor design of crossing. Make cycleway continuous and give it priority.

Cannot cycle to cycle parking at north end of High Street. Permit cycling on Tuesday Market Place East.

Street is one-way for all traffic. Should be contraflow for cycles as originally intended.

Incorrect 'no entry' sign makes it illegal to cycle into cycle lane. Remove sign.

Cycle lane is regularly used as drop-off and pick-up point for swimming pool. Widen lane and convert to segregated cycle track.

Gates/fence are an obstruction to the cycleway and are difficult to negotiate. Prevents social distancing. Remove gates and fence to provide free, open access.

Road surface sandy and not suitable for cycling. Provide hard-packed surface.

Crossing of A149 is difficult and dangerous. This would be an ideal route east from King's Lynn. In the long term, a bridge would be best suited to the crossing. In the short term, provide large protected island to facilitate two-phase … [more]

Road not suitable for cycling. Extend cycleway north to Wolferton junction.

Poor quality crossing. Make cycleway continuous and give it priority.

Narrow road, fast traffic, poor visibility despite being on national cycle network route. Remove centre line, add 2m-wide cycle lane either side of road, reduce speed limit to 30mph

Create through route north of here, following route of farm track, to connect to Wolferton.

Wrong signage -- sign shows footway to be segregated cycle/pedestrian route but it is not. Replace sign.

Bollard at north end of the bridge is on the tight turning into the bridge, making it dangerous and difficult to cycle through. Remove bollard.

This road is felt to be unsafe by many who cycle leading to use of the pavement. Widening the pathway and adding an additional cycle lane would increase safety and encourage more people to cycle between the villages and to the town. It … [more]

Grimston and Pott Row, through to Wootton and King's Lynn - family friendly route ie bridge crossing for A148 and A149

Very unsafe for cyclists due to width of road and volume of heavy traffic

This is a very common road for all kinds of cyclists (elite, hobby, leisurely, commuters) as well as pedestrians. Often when biking down here you're holding your breath wondering if you're going to get knocked off with cars zooming by at … [more]

There is no safe cycleway from Ashwicken to King's Lynn - cars travel very fast and it is not safe to cycle to town

B1145 Into Kings Lynn is quite dangerous considering it is a B road it has a lot of busy traffic, a dedicated cycle way would slow the traffic down and give safe access into town.

Too many lorries to cycle safely on road, paths not wide enough from Leziate to Pott Row and Grimston

Gayton Road cycle paths are in sections depending on which side of the road you are on, It would be more beneficial to narrow the path and create a cycle lane on both sides.

This route needs to be improved and maintained as it shortens the ride fom Fairgreen/Leziate to King's Lynn considerably.

We need a cycleway in Shouldham Warren to connect Spring Lane in Shouldham to New Rd in Wormegay. The bridge in The Warren which is popular with walkers, cyclists etc has been out of use for several months. If repaired, it will go some way … [more]

The cycle path along the A10 is unsafe and totally inadequate - it runs along a pavement in front of driveways etc and desperately needs a traffic filter to shelter from the busy A10 traffic. Plus it stops abruptly well before the … [more]

Cycle paths to Kings Lynn are needed as the road is very dangerous

Cycle way / foot path is essential for safety from Grimston to QE2 roundabout.

Cycle path and foot path desperately needed from QE2 roundabout to Gayton. Build a cycleway/ footpath save lives and encourage exercise.

The road is far too narrow to cycle or walk down. Traffic is fast and there are bends in the road. .

Allow 2 way cycling on Norfolk Street

Hedge overgrown, vision impaired with oncoming cyclists.

Cycle lanes needed along entire length into town

Cycle lanes linked to advance stop lines and priority green light for cyclists in this area. Reduce traffic capacity to accomodate more active travel

Poor road surface, very dangerous as cyclists are often forced into the road to avoid either recurring potholes or flood water

Add cycle advance stop box and lead in lanes on Tennyson Ave. This could also include cycle priority signal to these lights ( and all lights within Town)

Allow for 2 way cycling along the quay

Addition of cycle lanes in both directions between South Gates roundabout and Gaywood Road. Width should be such to enable the cyclist to ride in the primary position given pinch points along this route

Improved lighting along this route. Main link between town/station and local communities

Removal of low bollards/stakes which in the poor lighting are a safety hazard. and resurfacing of link between car park and path

Cycle lanes along the length of Wootton Road to support children and adults on their journeys. pavement very busy with children during school start and end times. At the very least cycle lanes from Reffley Lane

There is a need for a cycle path/route along the A47 to connect local villages. This could offer a great commuter alternative as well as opportunities for young peopleor those who cannot drive to access jobs and education. Lack of cycle … [more]

Narrow and uneven and overhanging shrubbery and trees

I hold up cars on Constitution Hill and the route around the roundabout is too convoluted and dangerous. A high level (above the road) cycle path is required to allow access in to town

We have no cycle way so it is not safe to cycle on the A47. Would encourage local village people and the local campsite visitors to cycle into town

I have to share a narrow path with pedestrians as the cycle path has not been completed

Very dangerous road, with hills, 60mph on most of the road , high grass verges & hedges/trees on edge of road on both sides. Needs a separate off road cycle way/footpath particularly from Roydon crossroads to Knights Hill Roundabout.

Narrow roads, lots of traffic, not safe to cycle or walk most of it. There is a small area of pavement.

There is no safe cycle route to the College of West Anglia. Tennyson Avenue and all roads around it need to be safe for cyclists from the college and the schools. Only a few students come by bike, while that would be a cheap and healthy … [more]

Loads of space for a cycle track for all to use

I have to share a narrow path with pedestrians as the cycle path has not been completed

The cycle lane finishes and left with a narrow footpath until the Trading Estate

Not wide enough

Really good cycle path around here but it lacks lighting at this point. Would be good to add some.

No designated cycle lane. My family and almost everyone we know would cycle to the local shops and to see friends in the village and neighbouring village, but there are no cycle lanes, which is really strange. Why are we so far behind other … [more]

Fast 60mph/national speed limit road, which is the route from Woottons to Castle Rising, double blind corner (s-bend) either bring forward 30mph reduction or create designated cycle path especially on side of road coming back to Woottons, … [more]

Would be nice if there was cycle routes/paths beyond Sandringham and to the nearest beach, once this cycle path ends that runs along the A149 for a short while, and you cross over the road into sandringham, there are only busy roads to … [more]

From where the cycle path stops at the junction of Ferry Road all the way along Main Road and Lynn Road to Terrington St. Clement and beyond, would be nice if there was a cycle path.

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